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The Spectacular History of Whole Fool

Fool’s Core Devlog #2

This devlog was supposed to be about the controller nodes for actors in Fool’s Core but I decided to take this time out to explain what exactly is Misadventures of Whole Fool. So please sit back, relax, and let me take you on a trip that is the beginning of Whole Fool…

Foolish Beginnings

If you’ve been following me long enough then you may remember a project I was working on called Super Spades Budokai. This was my attempt to merge the playing card game, Spades, with JRPG mechanics. While working on this seemingly impossible task I decided to create a series of animated shorts so I could start putting content out. I would name this series Misadventures of Whole Fool.

For those looking forward to Super Spades Budokai, don’t fret… You’ll have your day…

I made a couple of episodes of Misadventures of Whole Fool and I quickly fell in love with the world and the characters I created for it. It didn’t take long for the ways of the fool to consume my life and nearly every project I’ve worked on since the first episode.

What is a Whole Fool?

So what exactly is Misadventures of Whole Fool? Honestly, it’s whatever I want and need it to be. Currently, it allows me a way to express myself in a fun and irreverent fashion. I’m in a bit of a transitive stage in my life and Misadventures of Whole Fool is my peace through it all.

I don’t know about you but the Whole Fool logo could use an update…

What’s next for Whole Fool?

What’s next for Misadventures of Whole Fool then? First, let me say that Fool’s Core is not a game but a tool to help me create Whole Fool games and episodes. I already have a few episodes planned once Fool’s Core is complete and I may even redo older episodes. I am also working on a proper Misadventures of Whole Fool game that might have something to do with tossing people around but it’s still at the idea phase.


I hope this devlog explains what Misadventures of Whole Fool is and what I am doing with it. I am excited about finishing Fool’s Core so I can release more episodes and give Whole Fool the game he and the people deserve.

Check out this video for a more condensed look into the history of a fool!

You can always keep up with Misadventures of Whole Fool on Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes TikTok but make sure to keep an eye on this devlog for the meat and potatoes. I will be working on a Patreon but until then you can always support me via Ko-Fi as well. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you here next time!

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