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Command the Marvelous Fool Inside!

Fool’s Core Devlog #3

Welcome back to another edition of Fool’s Core devlog! I hope after the last devlog you are clear on what Misadventures of Whole Fool is and what Fool’s Core is. So let’s jump right into and talk about the controller nodes.

Moving the Actors

The actor template is one of the last things I talked about in the first Fool’s Core devlog and it eventually came time to work on how I would move the actors and this took a lot of time and effort to work out. I ultimately settled with using tweening for cutscenes and using my custom controller node for player and NPC movement.

Above are the three NPController modes. The top right is radius mode where the NPC stays in a given radius. The top left is path mode where they go to a given destination and switch to the random mode which is represented at the bottom. You may also notice the collision issue I mentioned below.

The actor template has a function that allows them to move around with the help of a tween node. The tween node lets me interpolate the actor’s position variable over time. I honestly don’t like moving the actors like this because it completely ignores the collisions which mean actors can walk through walls and objects. It’s very spooky and unsettling…

The Controller Node

The real stars of the show are the controller nodes. These are custom nodes I created that can be attached to actors to dictate how they move. For instance, I have a controller that allows players to move actors as if they were in a top-down 2D Zelda game and another that has actors controlling like a side-scrolling Mega Man game. I even have a controller for generic NPC movement. It’s pretty versatile!

Shown here is Temp Fool using a Top-Down Controller to walk into a new map that uses the platform controller.

The controller nodes allow me to switch up how an actor moves at a moment’s notice which is helpful since Fool’s Core is a template that can and will be used in a variety of projects. I’ve gone back and forth with a lot of implementation for the cutscene movements and the controllers but I’m happy that it’s starting to come together. It’s safe to say that Fool’s Core is really “moving” along nicely… 😀


And that’s all for this bi-weekly devlog! I hope you all have been enjoying this journey through Fool’s Core as much as I enjoy sharing. Make sure you stay updated on all the happenings by following me @ByJustAsix on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also assist momentarily via Ko-Fi. I hope you have a foolish day and I’ll see you soon.

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